Choosing An Online Community Platform

In addition to connecting millions of Web sites, the Internet now unites thousands of individuals, allowing marketers to target the exact groups they are seeking. What’s more, savvy companies are looking towards building social spaces of their own—creating a virtual meeting place for their existing customers as well as prospects.
How To Choose An Online Community Platform will arm you with the critical information you need to launch a social computing initiative. What this is, is a webinar that will help you examine successful communities and make sure you know what to look for when choosing the right social networking platform.
This 60-minute Webinar will help you:

  • Feel confident about what questions to ask when choosing an online community platform
  • Decide which social computing strategy is right for you
  • Define a social marketing roadmap
  • Employ the people, processes and technology that fit your needs

Moderated by BtoB editor Ellis Booker and sponsored by Telligent, this Webinar features the expertise of social media consultant Francois Gossieaux and Telligent’s Senior Corporate Evangelist, George Dearing. The information these experts share will help your company capitalize on the rise of online communities and social networking.

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