The Web, The Metaphor that Transcends

The web, the metaphor that transcends

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Wowieeee…have you seen all of these social, multi-media, and possibly business networks on the net today? I’d say maybe a third of it I have seen and am a part of. But wow, can you imagine being a member of all of these? I know of a few who are all over the web and are now considered internet celebrities.
It’s all good being a member of a few of these, cuz it doesn’t hurt to be sociable even online. Just another ice-breaker when you have time to kill or wanting to balance life online and/or offline.
Check out all the names and leave your comments below and let me know how many of these you are a member of.
Enjoy everyone, and remember…always be safe when you’re joining these social networks. Never give out any of your vital info. If you have to use a screenname, feel free 😉
Have a good one!