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I believe this. I’ve seen how they played against Seattle and it was pretty impressive. The Cowboys were in the redemption period from their loss the week before. But what is your prediction on the 49ers for this season? How many wins and how many losses? I’m thinking 9-7!


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Do Mexicans Respect Manny Pacquiao but Look Down on Floyd Mayweather?

Do Mexicans respect Manny Pacquiao but look down upon Floyd Mayweather?

This may seem like a pretty general question that would produce a general answer, but the reason why I bring it up is because I live in both LA and Orange County which have highly populated Mexican communities. I have homes in both areas. Whenever I am down at my OC condo I tend to grab a local weekly magazine called the OC Weekly.

In the OC Weekly is a column titled “Ask A Mexican” from a writer named Gustavo Arellano.

For those of you not familiar with the column, it appears it is a bit of humor-based column aimed to poke fun at the stereotypes of Mexicans and the way they perceive non-Mexicans and vice-versa.

Often times the “Mexican” responds in a very ignorant politically incorrect manner to really prove a deeper social/political point. It is quite obvious that he appears to be playing the part of a character.

Here is, verbatim, a reader’s question, along with its response, in regards to Mexicans’ views on both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, which appeared in the July 14th issue of the OC Weekly:

Dear Mexican: I have a Mexican-American friend who loves boxing (who doesn’t?) just as much as I do, but he hates Manny Pacquiao. He and I sometimes get into heated arguments (friendly but passionate), especially because he seems to resent the label that many in the press and boxing fans have given Pacquiao: “The Mexicutioner.” I think he’s taking it too personally, which is quite amusing, actually. But do you think most Mexicans are like my friend, i.e., Pacquiao-haters like Mayweather? Or do you think Pacquiao has more Mexican fans than Mexican haters?

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DEAR WAB: The Pac-Man has many more Mexican fans than haters—and even those haters don’t despise him so much as give the fierce Filipino respeto. Sure, Pacquiao has beat down Mexicans like a migra agent—Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Antonio Margarito, Oscar De La Hoya, and Juan Manuel Marquez (whom he’s scheduled to fight this fall)—but Mexicans always appreciate small humble brawlers in the classic Mexi mold. That’s why we’ll support Cuba but resent the United States—stay in your own weight class, you know? What’s more important, beaner boxer buffs despise Floyd Mayweather Jr. not because he’s a negrito (We loved Mike Tyson, after all), but because the so-called Pretty Boy refuses to fight Pacquiao to settle, once y para siempre, who’s the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. We can appreciate people who kick our ass, but to not even try to fight us? You might as well be the American Southwest.

Do you agree with the ASK A MEXICAN column?

Do you agree with the ASK A MEXICAN column?

  • Yes its very true and precise!


  • No, not correct at all


  • I wish I lived in the OC like Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood


  • Total votes: 40

    What do you guys think about that? Obviously one person can not speak for an entire Mexican community but do you feel the general consensus agrees with the statements made in the “Ask A Mexican” column?  

    In my personal experience I find that most of my Mexican and Mexican-American friends tend to agree with the statements made in the column. After sitting ringside to Pacquiao-Morales III, the next day I went to the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas wearing the fight t-shirt and several people of Mexican descent came up to me and gave me high fives and started talking to me about how impressed they were with Pacquiao’s big win over their countryman legend Morales, regarding how he made him quit sitting down on the ring canvas to be counted out. 

    I’ve also had pretty heated debates with Mexican-American workout buddies at the gym who would not agree to appreciate Mayweather’s brilliant defensive technical style. I would even point out that if they were in his shoes, they would want to fight in a more safe and cautious manner, but they all disagreed.

    Most recently, according to the Top Rank site Manny Pacquiao was greeted by 30,000 excited Mexican fans in Mexico as he and long-time rival and Mexican great Juan Manuel Marquez were promoting their up-coming November fight.

    I know that usually every where I go and bump into people of Mexican descent, when they talk about Manny they tend to love him as he fights in a more traditional Mexican fighting style—an aggressive toe-to-toe manner—and this may have a lot to do with why they prefer the Filipino over Mayweather’s more defensive technical style.

    So to my amigos of Mexican descent: What are your thoughts and views of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Do you agree with the “Ask A Mexican” column? Or do you feel that is a misconception or a representation of just the casual Mexican fight fan and not the hardcore one?

    Let’s hear your thoughts….better yet let’s hear your stories on the matter. Leave a comment tell us a story or example on why this may or may not be true.



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