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Castle Stalker I am

Castle Stalker I am buying these tiny islands, I am tired of big countries like the U.S. :-).

Google announces the Google Chrome OS

I am kind of excited to see more of the features or even just screenshots for now. An OS?  That’s pretty huge!  Well, find out more by following the link under the excerpt that is posted below.

…It’s going to be really interesting to see how the introduction of the Google Chrome OS effects future Microsoft OS releases. For the average user who simply uses Facebook, checks email and shares photos they will likely be able to get everything they need from the Chrome OS. In addition, they won’t be hampered by the hardships that are associated with backing up files, upgrading software and dealing with hardware compatibility issues.

All in all, competition is a great thing and Google’s Chrome OS will certainly drive innovation and force Microsoft and Apple to evaluate their operating systems and make sure that they continue to innovate and deliver a great product to businesses and consumers…


Happy Birthday to my

Happy Birthday to my MOM! Wishing her the best this year. Stay in good health and in good spirit Mang, Love you much <3! You're all welcome to send your greetings too, it would make me happy for her ;-). Thanks!

Birthday wish for my mom!

It is now past midnight in Hawaii; it’s my mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mang! Wishing you the best year to come and many more. Thank you<3

Managing my Facebook

Managing my Facebook Pages…hit me up on the chat below.

They have milked thi

They have milked this MJ coverage and forgetting the other deaths that have happened in Afghanistan.