Social Networking Successes

Thought I’d reblog this one from Marketing Articles on stating the social networks’ successes today.  I, myself, am pretty impressed and surely not able to follow along what is the latest amongst the networks that I am involved in.  You don’t wanna know how many networks I’m tied in.  A few that I run myself such as this one and my newest one SHOW N TELL Communit-e Site on  I have not promoted this to the public just yet.  Pretty much just mainly my own friends and colleagues from my chat room on named SHOW N TELL.

This is just one example of how popular social media websites can be. Digg another similarly popular social media site pulls in over 30 million unique views a month and has an increasingly large membership base which keeps there website updated with the latest news and entertainment. There are several big “dogs” of the social media market however where is social media marketing going to move next?

With the rise of social media sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit and bloggers have been quick to take advantage of the increased traffic capabilities that having your site stumbled or dugg hundreds if not thousands of times can have on your website. A very well known fact about Digg is that if you are lucky enough to be dugg on to the front page it is likely that your server will crash due to high amounts of traffic being sent to your website.

So, where is social media marketing going to go next?

So now we know how big social media marketing actually is the question I am going to try and answer or predict is where social media marketing is going to go next. Some may say that the majority of bloggers will be loyal to the main social media sites and dream that one day they will be able to hit the front page of Digg or however others may say that with the increased popularity of these mainstream social media sites will come increased competition which will in turn make it harder for bloggers to be noticed. Now obviously the main aim of social media sites is to increase popularity and traffic this is the same with any type of website have it be a blog, an auction site, an entertainment site or a health care website the idea is to increase traffic which will enable the site to grow however growth does not have the same effect on any other site as it does with social media websites.


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