SHOW N TELL Partial Crew

Come and CHAT with us on

Come and CHAT with us on


Kind of new crew, does not show all the new moderators and regulars.  These are some of the most active chatters in our room, SHOW N TELL Chat on  I invite you all to come and visit us and chill with the most fun and friendly room officials and regulars on the site.

The chat room is about a year and a half old and stays on the top for the most part (only goes down when some haters decide to crash or hack the room).

I am in the process (still) of finding a good social networking site where I can introduce to everyone and where we can chat with ease and away from the people who envy us so much 😉  Sort of a good feeling though when someone is trying his best to destroy the room cuz it only tells us that we are the Elite of Elite on the site and they just want to be like us.

This chat room is actually a community of friends with lots of the same common in characters and lifestyles.  I consider these guys my e-family and pretty much spend my time almost everyday with them chatting and cracking jokes.

I urge everyone in SNT to please say hello to our readers and invite them to our room and our FORUM!

Leave comments and messages in the box provided below…

Thanks all and have fun!  <333333333




  1. I fucking love SnT. Its Some bad ass shit!!!!

  2. SNT=SHOW N TELL just in case you guys don’t know 😉 And Soli…SNT loves you too hehe. Soli is single, by the way, ladies and gents?

  3. SNT is awesome 🙂 thx for letting me stay hahahaha. Keep up the good work! Lutz of luv from mellow yellow <3333

  4. ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› “W∑ﮒ† ﮒ1D∑ “†H∑∑ ☼M∑∏” M☼†H@ƒµ©K@ﮒ!!!

  5. hey everyone its Dorothy Rose from SNT, I just want to say I Love Ron and i love SNT♥ Ron you are so nice & amazingg♥ Keep up the good work!!!!

  6. Mother fucking OMENNNNN!! is da shit!!!! lollll

    I FAP EVERYTIME I AM IN SNT thats all.


  7. btw, just want to be clear I FAP TO RON’S ASS k thnx

  8. Comment

  9. lala j-u-v-e-e its me the great juvee lol..howdy people? i ❤ kuya ron..more power muahahaha

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