Don’t Stress

Don\'t Stress



  1. Over this past year and 1/2 of knowing Ron and chatting with him … I’ve noticed that he’s a good hearted man and puts his smarts on the table … believing without seeing … and seeing without believing …… He has goals, but makes them so effortless in overcoming them. He’s a great person to know … and with this “Don’t Stress” picture … it basically explains Ron’s life and how he persue’s his goals …… Be safe Ron … hope to always hear from you dude 🙂

  2. That’s very sweet and sincere, Tim…Thanks a lot! I always try to live good values and share them with people. I hope for all the good ones in your life as well. You are a good man yourself. Thanks for being in SHOW N TELL Community, tho it gets tough at times <333. Take care bud and always be safe. Our future as friends lie ahead 😉

  3. Ron, wow i’ve known you on stickam over a year now and you have made me part of your family! i think the world of you brother and i’m sorry for the stressful times we have had lately with our home SNT being hacked…but family sticks together thru hard times and i will stand beside you man…..having haters is healthy in a way it only makes you stronger!!!

    much love, Justin<3

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